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Sell Your Gun Online

Selling your gun in gun shops or in a gun auction can sometimes is a more complicated process which may involve additional time and transportation costs. Selling your gun online can be done from the comfort of your home

Choose your Sale Venue

There are various types of websites where you can sell your gun. Some have online gun sales or auctions, some broker exchanges and trades and some can directly buy your gun. The ones that buy your gun directly can be the fastest way to sell your gun, but since it is not based on an auction model, you may not be able to get the best price for your gun. These websites will have a form you can complete online where you can provide them with details about your gun that you have for sale. You will receive a selling kit in the mail; send your gun to them. Once they appraise it, you can choose to get a payment for your gun or choose to have your gun returned.

Get the Best Value

If you choose to take part in a gun auction online in order to sell your gun, you can maximize the value you get for it by following some easy tips:

  • Choose an auction site that has a wide variety of used gun listings and even has gun parts for sale. This will mean there is the customer pool is quite diverse and the site has some decent traffic. This will help you make your listing to more people.
  • Selling for free can be expensive.  Using only the free listing websites you save on some upfront selling costs but you may end up waiting longer to sell your gun and you could also not get the best price for it. Choose a website that also allows you to pay a fee to list your gun – this option can allow you to put together a better listing and have more flexibility on how you can customize your listing based on the feedback you get online.