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MagazineGun trader magazines are another place you can find guns for sale. Many popular gun magazines like Handgun Enthusiast and Guns & Ammo have sections in the back where individuals can list guns they want to trade or sell.

But the word magazine has two meanings for a gun trader. One meaning is the publications mentioned above where you can find articles and reviews pertaining to guns and ammo. The other meaning of magazine to a gun trader is the clip that holds the ammo before it is fed into the gun.

Most ammo magazine clips are spring loaded, meaning they hold a certain capacity of ammo that is loaded into the magazine and then the clip is loaded in to the gun, and the spring loaded ammo is fed directly into the gun via a loading mechanism that is either activated by the firing mechanism in the case of semi-automatic handguns or by a bolt or lever in the case of bolt-action or lever-action rifles.

When you meet a fellow gun trader, chances are good that any gun he has to sell or trade will come with at least one magazine clip. Except for revolvers and shotguns, a magazine clip is the most effective way to move ammo rounds into firing position quickly and easily. Revolvers do not use a magazine clip but instead hold their capacity of ammo in place in a drum that revolves into position. And most shotguns are single or double load, which means they only hold one or two ammo shells at a time.

Large capacity magazine clips are illegal in many states. For instance, in Massachusetts it is illegal to buy sell or trade a gun with a magazine clip that has a capacity for more than ten rounds of ammo. Banana clips and Thompson drums are two large capacity magazine clips that come to mind. Banana clips can hold 45 rounds of ammo or more and can be seen sticking way out the bottom of a handgun and arching slightly forward in the shape of a banana. Thompson drums are the big drums of bullets that can be seen on the old time Tommy guns made famous by the gangsters in the roaring 20s. Many of those large capacity magazines could hold 200 rounds or more at a time. The street sweeper is a shotgun style fully automatic machine gun with two high capacity Thompson drums, giving the gun trader or shooter the ability to fire over 400 rounds of ammo without having to reload his magazine.