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Gun Show

Gun ShowAnother popular way to buy or trade a gun is at a gun show. Gun shows are probably where most gun trader transactions occur, as it’s a large collection of gun traders all in one space, and many state laws have what are known as gun show loopholes regarding the sale and trade of otherwise federally regulated firearms. Collectors and dealers often frequent the many gun and knife shows held in all 50 states across the country.

No matter where you live, there is a gun show happening in your state at some point. The trick is finding out where and when the gun show will be held in your state. And then comes the hard part, brushing up on your state and federal laws regarding the trade of guns and knives from dealers and collectors to private citizens at the gun show in your state.

Many states now require background checks and waiting periods before a gun can be traded from a dealer or collector to a private citizen. Several states however have loop holes in the state laws called gun show loopholes. The basic idea behind a gun show loophole is that in order for business to be transacted smoothly and keep guns trading at the gun show, dealers and collectors at the show can not possibly run background checks and enforce waiting periods on private citizens and other collectors that are attending the show. So the state looks the other way as gun traders buy and sell guns and knives at gun and knife shows to collectors and private citizens without running federal or state background checks or enforcing waiting periods.

For this reason, many states will have several gun shows throughout the year. Dealers and collectors set up booths at gun shows and actually conduct a great deal of gun trader business at these gun and knife shows. The loopholes in the state laws make this gun trading process easier on everyone involved, especially the dealers and avid gun collectors.