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Gun Listings

If you would like to sell your gun online, then creating a great gun listing can increase your chances of selling your gun faster and at a better price.

Market Research

If you have a gun for sale, browsing through gun listings online or gun classifieds in any specialty magazine can give you a few ideas about what the market value for you gun. Websites that host gun auctions or that broker online gun sales are a good resource for doing your “market research.” If you are still not sure of a good price to set for your gun, you can go have it appraised in any of the gun shops in your area.  Once you know the value of your gun and have seen a few websites where you can post your gun listing, you can start working on a description for your listing.  To find out more about how to choose the best online gun auctions or brokers for your needs, check out our “Sell Your Gun Online” page.

Gun Listing Tips

Some gun auctions websites can offer various types of listings – a free one where your description and the number of photos are limited and other types where you will pay a listing fee that will allow you to add more information. Depending on what type of listing you choose here are some tips that will help your gun listing stand out:

  • Make sure to include detailed specifications of the gun model and type.
  • Mention a few details about the condition of the gun.
  • Try to post as many pictures that can display the condition of the gun from many angles. Choose a clear background in order to make the gun stand out in any picture.
  • Make sure to include a few details about shipping options and whether shipping charges are included in the price or need to be paid extra.