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Arms Dealer

Arms DealerAnother option for anyone looking to buy or trade guns is the good old-fashioned neighborhood corner arms dealer. An arms dealer runs out of a brick-n-mortar store and is federally licensed to trade in small arms, large bore firearms, shotguns, revolvers, handguns, and even federally regulated class 3 “machine guns”.

A small store can be a great place to look for and buy or trade your next gun, especially if the next gun show is another year away. This is also true if you don’t mind waiting for federally mandated background checks before you purchase your gun. It is very important to make friends with your local arms dealer as well, because they are federally licensed. Remember we mentioned that you can not have a gun shipped directly to you, but instead have to have it shipped to someone who holds a federal firearm license, or FFL. Well, that someone is your small store owner or arms dealer. So if there ever comes a time when you want to get involved in gun trading, or need to buy or sell a gun to someone online, your small store owner or arms dealer just became your new best friend – as they are the ones that are licensed to facilitate the sale for you in accordance with federal laws.

In addition, a small store is the only arms dealer that can provide you with class 3 guns. Class 3 guns refer to fully automatic pistols, handguns, or shotguns; what is often referred to machine guns. Class 3 guns are illegal to own, buy, or trade according to federal law. But if your small shop arms dealer is licensed to sell Class 3 guns, than you are in luck, because they are the only people allowed to sell or trade in Class 3 guns by following federal guidelines.