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Online Auctions

Online Auction

GunTraders.com is a website designed to help you find your next gun. Whether you are looking for a new handgun or antique shotgun or even want to buy used parts from a gun broker and build your own, this website will show you the best gun traders around.

The first place to look for a gun is at an online auction. At online auction sites you can browse hundreds of handguns, rifles, shotguns, and revolvers that are being offered for sale online from private gun traders. Even if you don’t buy your gun through an online auction site, the gun trader online auction site will give you an idea of what fair value for the gun you are looking at is on the open market. That is one of the benefits of online gun auction sites; the open market sets the price. If you have guns you would like to trade, then online auction sites provide you with an international audience of gun traders to market your gun to, and also an idea on the price your antique handgun or shotgun would fetch on the open market – what your gun is worth to other gun traders.

Popular online auction sites like eBay do not let users sell antique shotguns or used handguns, or any firearms for that matter. So instead, lots of gun-specific online auction sites have popped up to fill the void for gun traders looking to sell their antique shotguns and handguns at auction.

Perhaps the most popular online auction for gun traders is the GunBroker.com online gun auction, which claims to be the world’s largest online auction of guns, parts, and accessories. At Gun Broker online gun auction, it’s free to register and runs much like other popular online auction sites. The main difference is that the sale of handguns and shotguns, even antique guns, and sometimes the used parts are all federally regulated. For more information visit the FFL page at the end of this website, because you can not have a gun shipped directly to your house. Instead it must be shipped to a federally licensed gun broker who can in turn transfer ownership of your new or used handgun or antique shotgun to you.